Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost there!
Today the rear phone was installed. The one that is often seen just behind Britt Reids head in the Black Beauty. The front seat was adjusted a bit to match the passenger seat and the rear tailight lens were fitted and new bulbs installed.
Next it to finalize fitment of the front gas gun door and check that function then fitting in the trunk trim and a good wash and detail and then install the fender trim and it is ready to roll.
Starting to get quite a few inquiries about showing the car at special events. I have confirmed a few but not made them public yet. Even some TV inquires asking about the car. So we will see what becomes of it int he near future.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost there!

Almost complete!
The car now has a full interior including seats. The vinyl top has been installed. A big thanks to Vic Calvert for all of his hard work and advice through this process. The top was different than the original install of BB1 as a side note. BB2 and BB1 are different in several different ways. The exterior differences are subtle but in 1966 no one would really notice.
Wheels are finished as well as scoring new tires. The might go on this week. But first the brakes will be thoroughly gone over. New bearings, seals and pads are a must. The front gas gun door has been giving me problems along with its electrical motor. I have been getting electrical advice from Adam Savage of TV's Mythbusters. Thanks Adam for all of your help! Next up will be making the rear taillight lenses which I am not looking forward to as it requires a lot of installing and test fitting.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well things are finally progressing. This week I have been installing the front grill, the side grills and the Vinyl top the front seats and all of the interior trim. Great care was taken in aligining the windows for a perfect fit. Wheels are out getting polished and painted. Carpet was also precision fit this was difficult as there is no real good Imperial carpet sets commercially available.
The new website has launched take a look at
If all goes well the car should be finished in a couple of weeks.